[WikiEN-l] Wikipedia's destiny

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 16:41:57 UTC 2006

John Lee wrote:

>Often? Please. Nobody denies it's abused. But "often"?

My main problem is "Nominate for deletion based on my own ignorance."
followed by several "I agree, delete based on my own ignorance."

>Even David Gerard
>confesses that 95% of the stuff on AfD is crap that needs to go, and
>it's difficult (to say the least) to justify deletion of articles (such
>as those on garage bands) without appealing to the concept (if not the
>phrase) of non-notability.

I have nothing against deleting the truly non-notable, and perusing
the ancient scrolls reveals that Jimbo has said pretty much the same

The problem is it's horribly subjective. Check [[WP:WEB]]'s recent
edit history and the attempts of arbitrary notability bar partisans to
make it policy by assertion, despite strong opposition.

- d.

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