[WikiEN-l] Admin Abuse

Josef Goebbles herrgoebbles at berlin.com
Thu Feb 23 03:29:03 UTC 2006


Let it not be said that justice is undone on the whims of one solitary
man.  The Wikipedia user:  HerrGoebbles, has been blocked by Wiki Admin
MarkSweep, whose reasons given were dislike of my user name ( because I
am German?) maybe due to MarkSweep claiming to be a former US Marine, he
considers me to be an enemy.  The other reason given was harassment of
user TastyCakes, who seems to have a dislike of anyone who disagrees with
her views of the destruction of the American Indian tribes during
American expansion.  The user TastyCakes has used the term "Dumb Ass" as
a personal attack and an insult towards me, (maybe because I am German,
and not gentically as superior as TastyCakes?)  However, I do not wish to
discuss this at length, I only wish to be given the opportunity to learn
from any mistakes I may have made, and continue to have the ability to
simply use Wikipedia's site without any overzealous attempts by Admins to
silence me once and for all, with malice.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


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