[WikiEN-l] "Trivia" sections in articles

Peter Mackay peter.mackay at bigpond.com
Thu Feb 23 06:27:36 UTC 2006

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> They look ugly and unprofessional. Can we get a policy or 
> something to suggest that they be renamed "Miscellaneous 
> information" or merged into the rest of the article?

I must respectfully disagree. To many readers, these little facts add colour
and interest to the article and can tie the main subject to other, often
unexpected subjects. Putting them all in one section at the end of the
article is the best place for them, because otherwise we would have to find
appropriate places for them in the main body of the text, and it may not
always be easy (or concise) to do this.

"Trivia" is the accepted name for this sort of material. It is concise and

Perhaps the question is just how trivial a factoid needs to be to be
included. We don't need every little bit of blather.

Peter (Skyring)

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