[WikiEN-l] Time to finish this userbox war once and for all

Minh Nguyen mxn at zoomtown.com
Thu Feb 23 05:01:56 UTC 2006

Fastfission wrote:
> The Babel boxes were really no help in this -- unless I'm totally out
> of the loop, I don't know of any way to do a JOIN type query in this
> (i.e. both native German and English speakers), and both of those
> categories individually have far too many people to look them over in
> any sort of systematic way. And of course none of that really gets at
> the question of who has recently edited. In the end I just gave up on
> trying to find someone (eventually someone the text I wanted
> translated, which worked just as well, but of course the fact that it
> was a relatively common language on En helped with that).


Incidentally, a few weeks ago, Pietras1988 at the Polish Wikipedia 
<http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedysta:Pietras1988> contacted me 
(most likely via a Babelbox), asking me to translate a little Polish 
town called Kurów into Vietnamese. By the looks of the interwiki links 
on that article now, it looks like Pietras1988 contacted quite a few 
people. That town now has the distinction of being described in Gothic 
and Aramaic, of all languages.

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