[WikiEN-l] [[Stupid bomb]]

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 17:54:14 UTC 2006

"The two most plentiful elements in the Universe are bad Uncyclopedia
articles and hydrogen, and I'm not sure about the ... hydrogen. Hold
on, I'll try that one again." - Albert Einstein on an off day

The Stupid Bomb uses only the second-finest-grade stupid in the world,
capable of penetrating five light-years of lead. (The ''finest'' grade
stupid in the world would penetrate the bomb's neutronium shielding
and affect the guidance system.)

==Generating stupidity==

[do adapted zombie botnet image, write based on this]

-- Images --

bomb diagram: (based on real smart bomb) control system behind
neutronium shield, sharpened cluelessness tip, clue anti-pheromone
coating for easy atmospheric transport

gw bush: Various traitorous liberal homosexual paedophiles have
alleged that a Stupid Bomb was accidentally set off near the White
House in early 2001. Other groups have alleged it was deliberate.

e-meter: The €-meter is used by the Church of Objectivism to
remove ''money thetans'' from the subject's wallet. The meter measures
variations in clue resistance.

image of interconnected boxes: slashdot, wikipedia, wikipediareview,
what else ... take from the Zombie Botnet image - How stupidity is
generated and captured.

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