[WikiEN-l] Wikipedia's destiny

Geoff Burling llywrch at agora.rdrop.com
Wed Feb 22 06:41:33 UTC 2006

Just a number of observations on this topic.

1. If a person is a topic of sufficient attention, for whatever
reason, Wikipedia should have an article on that person.

2. I thought Delerium's stub was quite accurate & NPOV.

3. The edit history of this article had 675 edits -- including
Delerium's. Sheesh.

4. I am reminded of a strategy I mentioned in another thread --

        a. Silently acquiese to opponent's edits; after all, there's
	many other articles in need of attention.
        b. Wait x number of weeks.
        c. Revert opponent's edits while carefully leaving any later
	contributions intact.
        d. Repeat steps 2 & 3 as often as needed.

and of the variations other people mentioned.

5. When I hear that this person's family is concerned about the
article, are they more worried about the picture of his appearance, or
that he was declared guilty in a court of law for a sex crime --
specifically on the charge of "Gross Sexual Imposition" & an attempt
to do the same?

6. And just what is "Gross Sexual Imposition"? For the curious, I
found a definition at
http://www.ag.state.oh.us/le/training/pubs/cert/unit2-2C_rev0506.pdf --
which defines it as involuntary sexual groping, with the usual
conditions that apply to a definition of rape: use or threat of use
of force, whether the parties involved are married[*], whether the
victim was capable of consenting to this act, & if the victim was
less than 13 years of age. FWIW, when I Googled for the specific
part of the Ohio Revised Code that he was convicted under, I found a
hit that explains this is one crime that explicitly cannot be expunged
from his record.

7. Looking at this guy's picture & considering the crime he was
convicted of, I have to wonder if this wasn't some mean-spirited
practical joke gone badly wrong, & for which he is being mangled by the
gears of justice. (Of course this kind of thing happens -- & not only
in the US: I remember reading about a case in the UK where a pair of
homeless bums were arrested & convicted of being notorious IRA
bombers, despite the fact both were obviously incapable of holding a
normal job or even attempting to apply for one, let alone managing such
a demanding chore as making & setting these complicated devices.)

8. Again, FWIW I went to school with a guy with a similar deformity
similar this one. He exhibited normal intelligence. If the findings of
the court were accurate, then he knew what he was doing: coercing
another person to being groped.

9. Are we more worried about providing verifiable information in
Wikipedia, or if people are going to object to the nature of our
information? After all, are we going to back off from stating that
Vice-President Cheney shot Whittington in the face with a shotgun, &
that Whittington later apologized to Cheny & his family for the


[*] I am not expressing an opinion on this clause of the relevant
section of the Ohio Revised Code. I am merely reporting what it says.

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