[WikiEN-l] Feature plea

Chris Jenkinson chris at starglade.org
Tue Feb 21 21:03:20 UTC 2006

Matt R wrote:
> I'd like to make a plea for two features which I'm sure would be useful to
> people in helping to work and improve Wikipedia articles.
> The first is already implemented on WikiNews: DynamicPageList, which would let
> you do things like list new additions to categories. This would be very useful
> indeed.
>    http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/DynamicPageList
> Second, is there any chance we could have the occasional month of statistics
> for page hits; perhaps once a year or something? We used to have these, but no
> longer.      The immediatist in me would sometimes like to prioritise work on
> articles according to their popularity.

wikitech-l at wikimedia.org is the more appropriate list for requests like 


Chris Jenkinson
chris at starglade.org

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