[WikiEN-l] GFDL - Have to mention only authors or Wikipedia too?

John Lee johnleemk at gawab.com
Tue Feb 21 15:49:14 UTC 2006

Heinz wrote:

>Of cource citing is always polite and good scientific behavior.
>But my question has a more legal background.
>MUST i cite wikipedia - according to GFDL -- or is citing of authors enough?
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Mirrors#License indicates a link 
back to the Wikipedia article /may/ suffice as "[acknowledging] the main 
authors". Generally the style used to *cite* Wikipedia (not copy its 
articles) just attributes the article to something like "Wikipedia 
contributors". I'm not familiar with the legal ramifications of the 
GFDL, and from the appearance of that page, neither are the fellows who 
write our policy on mirrors. :p Just err on the safe side and cite both.


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