[WikiEN-l] I propose adding a community namespace

Jesse W jessw at netwood.net
Mon Feb 20 05:28:43 UTC 2006

Since you complained that no-one responded substantively to your 
proposal; here's such a response, I hope.

The proposal seems to leave out the most important part - What Would We 
Use A "Community namespace" for?  It seems like this should be at least 
suggested, in a proposal suggesting creating one...  It claims "three 
usages", but none of them are actually uses - they are rebuttals to 
objections.  What are we to *use* it for?

On Feb 19, 2006, at 10:42 AM, stevertigo wrote:
> There are three usages for a Community namespace:
> * a wiki namespace would be too redundant with the Wikipedia namespace
This seems to a rebuttal to an objection to making a new namespace 
called "Wiki:" - I've never heard anyone suggest this, so I'm not sure 
why it's being rebutted.
> * a template namespace would also be redundant since most community 
> templates can be kept as subpages to a wikipedia userbox template.
What template namespace?  The current namespace called "Template" has 
obvious use - it's the way to have templates that don't have a 
namespace in front of them.  Again, I can't really see what this has to 
do with the proposal - I thought this was about a new namespace called 
"Community", what does this have to do with templates?
> * a category namespace would separate the use of the category 
> namespace for content, while still allowing for quick access to 
> particular subpage templates
Huh?  Wait, now the proposal is to create a category namespace(other 
than the one we already have)?  I thought it was to create a namespace 
called "Community" (for what, it is never said).  Where is this 
category stuff coming from?

If I were to speculate, I would think this had to something to do with 
Userboxes, but due to the complete lack of any statements about what 
this "Community" namespace would be used for, I can't really tell what.

Jesse Weinstein

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