[WikiEN-l] This is an interesting one or even more userbox stuff

geni geniice at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 03:15:19 UTC 2006

[[Template:Polemical userboxes]] may or may not be a candidate for T1
(I suspect that technicaly it is but the trouble caused by deleting it
would be kinda not good). However it was listed on TFD. Fair enough
considering some of the things that have turned up on AfD over the
years it isn't the most extream.


[[User:MarkSweep]] then deleted the nomination. A bit of a streach of
[[Wikipedia:Speedy keep]] but nothing particularly extream. Certianly
no more extream than applying T1 to [[Template:Polemical userboxes]]
(no don't worry I'm not going to).

[[User:MarkSweep]] then proceeds to block [[User:CFIF]] (the
nominator) for 48 hours.

[[User:CFIF]] has 2269 edits with 1604 in the article namespace


He wasn't warned. We treat outright vandles better than that.


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