[WikiEN-l] Userboxes: A rational proposal

charles matthews charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com
Sun Feb 19 19:40:48 UTC 2006

"Guy Chapman" wrote

>>That would be excellent then: we would be able to waive 'assume good 
>>for whole scads of editors we come across.  What a relief!  Maybe I have
>>misjudged the little critters.
> Maybe you haven't seen my userpage.  I freely admit to strong
> opinions, when I edit articles on subjects on which I have strong
> opinions, I do so in good faith and I am, to the best of my ability,
> neutral - but I still have strong opinions, and that means it's best
> if someone else has a look.
> Strong opinions and good faith are absolutely not exclusive, and being
> aware of the subconscious bias of another user is not the same as
> failing to assume good faith.

Over in my corner, I'm strongly of the opinion that User Pages are to be 
used in a confidence-building way.  That would of course be the confidence 
of others in me, not my confidence in my own opinions, in own opinion of my 
rigorous adherence to NPOV, my patriotism with respect to the great county 
of Cambridgeshire, all that.   Given that we're supposed to leave many 
things at the door, I don't really hold with giving other Wikipedians the 
hat-check girl's view of me, when they may simply be curious as to who 
corrected their typo.

I'm completely against having Wikipedia touched by the contention and 
polarizing forces so obvious in the outside world.


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