[WikiEN-l] A thought about "in popular culture" sections

Snowspinner Snowspinner at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 17:59:32 UTC 2006

On Feb 17, 2006, at 12:47 PM, Fastfission wrote:
> But I had a recent thought about it. Wouldn't any discussions about
> the impact or prevalence of something in popular culture need to have
> been discussed by a secondary source first before it was allowed into
> an article under WP:NOR?

NOR has long been a bit slippery with fiction, both popular and  
literary. The problem is that by the most hardline interpretation of  
NOR, plot summaries of novels aren't allowed. Unfortunately (or  
fortunately, depending on your perspective), bending NOR for  
fictional texts has led to things like the "in popular culture"  
sections. But unbending it is its own sort of problematic.


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