[WikiEN-l] An emotive plea for unblocking

Jack Stephens abstract000 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 17 03:09:18 UTC 2006

Users of Wikipedia,
I write in earnest emotional trauma. I am a self-diagnosed wikiaddict, both 
in editing and reading, I have been a prolific wikipedia user and editor for 
quite a while now, I am not sure exactly how long, but I feel suitably 
attached to wikipedia to feel sincerely aggrieved, due to my recent 
blocking. My username is Jdcooper, and my IP address When 
attempting to revert some vandalism today I was informed that User:Golbez 
has blocked me with the highly descriptive reasoning: "vandal". As someone 
who has never so much as THOUGHT of vandalising an article in my life, and 
as someone who gets highly troubled by wikivandalism, I was, I feel 
legitimately, sent into a devastating panic by such allegations. My only 
explanation is that, as I am editing from a university network (University 
of Nottingham, Great Britain, if anyone cares) with over 5,000 users, 
vandalism from one of said users may have been disproportionately punished. 
Whatever the case, I can assure everyone, particularly Golbez, that I am the 
furthest from a vandal you could ever hope to meet. I am a 
non-confrontational user who generally busies himself with correcting 
spelling mistakes, reverting vandalism, merging duplicates and sorting 
stubs. I have e-mailed Golbez about the misunderstanding (as I am sure this 
is) but I am unfamiliar with this kind of process (that of unblocking), as, 
not being a vandal, this has never happened to me before. I urge someone who 
can help me to do so, as I am anxious to get back to editing, my life is all 
but meaningless without it.
Yours hopefully,

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