[WikiEN-l] User:Curps Blocking an IP address when he could have blocked the individual User

Philip Welch wikipedia at philwelch.net
Thu Feb 16 19:49:10 UTC 2006

> I am requesting that you unblock my account.... that is something you
> cannot do? I am sick of self-righteous power tripping Admins... I am
> neither threatening you are personally attacking you... see the "don't
> be a dick" article on wikipedia, or maybe you are not familiar with  
> that
> one?

"self-righteous power tripping admins" isn't a personal attack?

> Finally, you say, "generally "we" don't grant..." I am assuming by
> "we" you think that "you" are the entire voting population and elected
> speaking voice of wikipedia???

I was making an observation about the community in general.

> I have neither personally attacked you
> nor do I have a "history of invincibility"... so that comment about
> redeeming myself.... well you know what you can do with it.

I said "incivility", not "invincibility". Thankfully we also provide  
Wiktionary so you can look up the meanings of those words.

Quite frankly, I would unblock you, but since you lack the common  
courtesy to ask nicely, I don't have to do a goddamned thing for you.  
I don't know how they run things at Ellsworth Air Force Base, but at  
Wikipedia, bullying and insulting people doesn't get positive results.

Philip L. Welch

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