[WikiEN-l] Admins' love lives are off-topic for wikien-l

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 14:16:46 UTC 2006

Snowspinner wrote:
On Feb 16, 2006, at 6:22 AM, David Gerard wrote:

>> Although mailing list threads go all over the place, note of a serious
>> problem vandal is probably not the place to go randomly riffing on
>> spurious concerns that would completely invalidate how Wikipedia
>> actually functions; you could at least change the subject line.

>So could you.

*cough* This is what I get for making a pissy email post. My apologies
to Karl and the list.

(I am NOT hairy chested. How dare you.)

[and no, I don't have references: headers again. I'll have to see what
I can do other than turn the firehose of this list upon my gmail

- d.

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