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Steve Bennett wrote:
> On 2/15/06, Justin Cormack <justin at specialbusservice.com> wrote:
>>Costing in excess of $20000 and being in a class with a small number of
>>members doesnt make anything notable.
>>Paintings by a moderate artist might fall into that category, but the
>>paintings would just be listed under the artist.
>>What else is notable about this?
> I know very little about DMExpress - hence the stubbiness :) Here's my scenario:
> I work in the domain of ETL.
> Someone mentions DMExpress. I have no idea what it is.
> I head to Wikipedia, my first resource when I want to know what *anything* is.
> No article.
> Should there not be an article? There aren't that many ETL tools. Your
> analogy is a bit flawed: You're saying that the artist is notable, but
> his paintings aren't. The equivalent then would be something like that
> the company is notable, but that individual copies of their products
> aren't. Really, though, in many cases, the company is not notable,
> their product isn't notable, and obviously individual instances of
> their products are not.
> To resolve the question of whether my example of a stub was above or
> below the minimum quality waterline (just as an example, delete it for
> all I care :)), we do need to agree whether DMExpress is notable or
> not. A brief search shows 800 google results including magazine
> articles, so I'm not sure what the "no" argument would be.

Actually some further expansion on ETL would be nice - I don't
understand the concept of "data warehousing" yet. Is this basically
selling credit card details and other personal info to the highest bidder?

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