[WikiEN-l] Wikipedia slated in the Sunday Times

John Lee johnleemk at gawab.com
Sun Feb 12 17:07:28 UTC 2006

Sam Korn wrote:

>On 2/12/06, geni <geniice at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Sure. Pre the introduction of no anons creating articles you could
>>roughly work out how much vandle fighting an admin was doing by their
>>deletion rate. Someone posted a list of the number of admin actions
>>had been done by each admin in the last month. About 200 admins racked
>>up over 100 actions. Once you factor in all the admins who got their
>>100 by doing things other than vandalism (mine tend to come from
>>WP:CP) you end up with less than 200. Factor in growth from then and
>>you probably have around 200 admins vandle fighting.
>Your statement fails to acknowledge that the admins who don't make 100
>deletions in a month are still active and still are fighting
>vandalism.  I don't delete 100 articles a month.  I doubt I ever have,
>but I certainly used to be very active in combatting vandalism.
>You underestimate the good that many people doing a little can do.
"Admin actions" include blocking. (Not agreeing with geni, just pointing 
out a fact.)


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