[WikiEN-l] Boston Globe: "Bias, sabotage haunt Wikipedia's free world"

John Lee johnleemk at gawab.com
Sun Feb 12 15:38:26 UTC 2006

Daniel P. B. Smith wrote:

> http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2006/02/12/ 
> bias_sabotage_haunt_wikipedias_free_world/
> First of a two-parter. Seems pretty good to me, the reporter has done  
> some work, it's not just a hatchet job. But it's pretty negative  
> about Wikipedia.
> There is a discrepancy between what WIkipedians know Wikipedia to be  
> and what outsiders think it is.
> They think it's an encyclopedia.
> That discrepancy is going to cause us more and more trouble unless we  
> find a better way to deal with it.

That was seriously one of the best articles I've ever seen written about 
us. I've shot an email to the author thanking him for doing his research 
instead of shabbily ommitting and making up stuff to support a 
particular viewpoint as most other journalists do. I don't think it's 
negative at all; I find it highlights some of the best and worst parts 
of Wikipedia and would probably comply with [[WP:NPOV]], if not [[WP:NOR]].


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