[WikiEN-l] Hidden text spam and low traffic wikis...

Gordon Joly gordon.joly at pobox.com
Sun Feb 12 10:54:29 UTC 2006

I have started a few wikis (using Mediawiki, and kept up to date) and 
I have found that we are being spammed, about once every ten days. 
Usually links to drug (pharmaceuticals) sales sites in hidden text. 
These wikis are very low traffic but are linked from Metawiki at:


I have also noticed a wiki that has been set up and the WikiSysop has 
no idea how to actually build content in the site. So, what does he 
get? Spam! No content, nothing. Just spam.

It would seem WikiSysops should be made aware of their 
responsibilities, when Mediawiki software is installed. Should theyt 
have to pass a test? It is great that installation is so easy, but 
that lowers the threshold of a potential WikiSysop admin to be 
verging on the almost clueless.

Another effect. Users are registering email in the domains that I 
own, in which the Mediaiki wikis live. Hence, I see all the email 
confirmation emails (to addresses such as anythinggoes1234 @ 
mylittlehouse.org.uk). This is a relatively new feature, suggesting 
again increasingly clueless spammers are getting in on the act, 

Is there a message here?

Gordo (aka LoopZilla)
gordon.joly at pobox.com

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