[WikiEN-l] Arbcom has completely lost its mind

charles matthews charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com
Sat Feb 11 16:59:41 UTC 2006


 >In my opinion, we should try to
> protect the integrity of the Wikipedian and have them
> warned in private.

Neither you nor I nor anyone knows all the private email that goes on.

That would be because it's private.  In fact there is a high premium put on 
the transparency of doing the business in public.  What do you think?  Are 
people more polite in private, or on the site where everyone could see?

> Further more, as I said above, I don't think that it's
> good to have admins that provoke editors only so that
> they can block them. And yes, there are such admins.

Maybe you're right.  We should all show restraint.

The basic rule that experience teaches is that when good behaviour matters 
most, it is least likely.

> Unfortunatelly, it seems that the people with
> authority (stewards and above) are most impressed by
> the work of the admins, instead of those who just want
> to edit articles.

If it comes to a dispute, the record of what admins write on the site is of 
great importance.  I don't find your position entirely consistent.


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