[WikiEN-l] [[WP:PROD]] - a lightweight deletion process

SJ 2.718281828 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 11:22:49 UTC 2006

On 2/11/06, Ryan Delaney <ryan.delaney at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2/11/06, SJ <2.718281828 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Mistakes happen via AFD all the time; results should not be immutable;
> > and the system is very far from perfect.  That said, it is better than
> > a random process
> I agree. I don't think anyone is suggesting that we should do deletion
> randomly.
> > There is no good reason to treat deletion differently than any other edit.
> >
> > Any process which involves dozens of people over the course of a week
> > should naturally be treated differently, and reversed more slowly,
> > than a single edit by a single user.   This applies equally to AfD
> > results and to FPC/FAC selections.
> I'm sorry, I think you misunderstand me. I mean that deletion itself should
> be done like any other edit, and not through any process like AFD. Since
> this PROD deletion system is closer to the simplicity that I consider ideal,
> I endorse it. But I think it could be improved even further.

There's definitely room for a wiki-style 'deletion'; this would not
match many of the current uses of what we call deletion.  Perhaps we
could use a "make invisible" button that lets anyone make an article
'invisible' --
* Not cached or spidered by web-bots
* Only showing up in WP searches if the user explicitly asks to match
invisible items
* When you go to the page, in place of the standard "there is no
article with this title" text, show a "There was an article under this
title which was removed by <user> on <date> (''<reason>'') [link to
invisible text]."
* Invisibility is likewise reversible.

This would not be a substitute for deletion in all cases.   SJ

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