[WikiEN-l] More AfD toxicity

Guettarda guettarda at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 22:12:52 UTC 2006

I suppose the thing that surprises me about this is the fact that people tag
work without taking a look at who the author is.  Sure, if you see something
brand new by an anon or by a redlinked name, you may want to take a careful
look at it.  If, on the other hand, you see something by Sean, you take for
granted that established contributors tend not to write "selfref
neologisms".  If you see something like that from someone like Sean (or like
Dunc, which was what sparked a mess a few months ago) you give them the
benefit of the doubt - bookmark the page, maybe add it to your "to do" list
- but don't afd it.  To be honest, if you see something brand new by a new
author you give them a chance to clean it up as well.  Shooting first and
asking questions later is bound to only cause bad blood.  In Sean's case, it
isn't going to drive him away, but a new editor could easily be driven off.


On 2/10/06, Stan Shebs <shebs at apple.com> wrote:
> Sean Barrett wrote:
> >Answer Two: Yes, I left a note on his talk page, and he replied on mine.
> >
> How come you didn't use your Staff of Arbcom to turn him into a
> tiny little pile of ashes? 1/2 :-) We've got way too many noobs
> running around pretending to be knowledgeable, and there seems to
> be no incentive for them to learn.
> Stan
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