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Fri Feb 10 22:05:31 UTC 2006

Actually, you should both communicate - which you have done. It's simply not
practical to contact someone for every deletion you want to do especially if
you believe it breaks the rules (which I would when you start an article
with "X is a neologism...". But really who starts isn't really important.

I think this was simply a misunderstanding on Savidan's part which wouldn't
have happened if you ran out of coffee. Just an unfortunate get together of

I'm still wondering why it matters if someting is tagged within 9 minutes of
its creation or after 30 minutes, 3 days, or 6 months. The point of
recentchanges patrol is to get to stuff that needs to be deleted before too
many people see it. People who want to delete something need to give a
reason why (which was probably "non-notable neologism" in this case).
Creators need to make sure they establish notability early on, preferably in
their first edit.

I think you can continue editing without running into any problems with
half-finished articles by simply tagging them. You can't overlook an
{{inuse}} tag and it's easy to apply.

It would be a shame to see someone stop contributing less than perfect
articles over one incident.


On 2/10/06, Sean Barrett <sean at epoptic.org> wrote:
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> MacGyverMagic/Mgm stated for the record:
> > Anyway. Sean, did you tag your in progress article with {{inuse}}?
> > Upon returning did you talk to Savidan about his actions?
> Answer One: No, I didn't tag it.  Frankly, I didn't think of it.  I
> literally: realized my coffee cup was empty; stood up, realized I was
> using my Windows box so I was in danger of crashing and losing my work,
> bent over, threw an edit summary in the box, and hit "save."  When
> returned after getting my coffee, I hit "edit," and saw the deletion
> verbiage at the top of the edit box.  Nine (9) minutes had elapsed.
> Thank Cthulhu Savidan got there before ten minutes had elapsed: all of
> Wikipedia might have been destroyed.
> I have learned from that mistake.  Never again will I add an article to
> Wikipedia that is not completely and entirely perfect, with multiple
> insistences of notability and scores of footnotes in place.  Wikipedia
> does not allow works-in-progress; all contributions must be camera-ready
> for world-wide publication or they will be obliterated on sight.
> Answer Two: Yes, I left a note on his talk page, and he replied on mine.
> What difference does that make?  Does the burden of defending
> information against obliteration fall on me, the contributor?  Or is the
> burden on the obliterater to demonstrate why that particular information
> should be deleted?  Actually, the answers to those questions are
> disgustingly obvious; what I should be asking is /should/ the burden of
> defending information be placed on the one building Wikipedia?
> /Shouldn't/ the one who wants to obliterate information be required to
> at least attempt to communicate with the one who wants to add it?
> > The thing is, he can't mindread and it's not uncommon for people to
> leave
> > things unfinished. If you're patrolling Recentchanges or Newpages, you
> don't
> > have the time, to recheck if someone finished their article. It will
> take
> > the speed out of your work.
> 0 NO3Z!!11!  DON'T TAKE THE SPEED OUT!!!11!!eleventy-one
> > If you tag it with {{inuse}} or work on it in your userspace, you've got
> a
> > lot lower chance of it getting deleted.
> If I never contribute anything until it is utterly perfect, I'll have a
> lower chance (maybe not a lot lower, I admit) of it getting deleted.
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