[WikiEN-l] Arbcom has completely lost its mind

Peter Mackay peter.mackay at bigpond.com
Fri Feb 10 19:03:12 UTC 2006

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> On 2/10/06, Ray Saintonge <saintonge at telus.net> wrote:
> > Why should drawing a line be so important?  Giving users 
> the maximum 
> > flexibility to express who they are is good for everybody, 
> because the 
> > whole world then has a transparent view of where that individual is 
> > coming from.
> OK, with the premise that some line needs to be drawn to 
> regulate the content of userpages, can anyone think of a 
> better line to be drawn?

What about common bloody sense?

I don't think we can draw a precise line, nor do I think that the two
alternatives of "open slather" or "exclude all" are feasible.

If I may make a point, some userboxes are like sticking up those Danish
cartoons. Is a line even possible? 

Common sense tells me that if something causes significant disruption in a
goal-oriented community, then that something should be removed. By asking
politely at first and taking increasingly firmer action. But always
remaining polite and fair and understanding.

Peter (Skyring)

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