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Fri Feb 10 19:00:51 UTC 2006

Let's consider this in context.  Your original article text was:


A '''Cart00ney''' (usually spelled with two zeroes) is a [[neologism]]
originallly coined in the [[Usenet]] [[newsgroup]]
[[news.admin.net-abuse.email]] to describe both [[spammer]]s who
threaten legal action to prohibit being described as spammers —
for example, being added to [[blacklist]]s — as well as the
threats themselves.

The use of the term is no longer restricted to spammers; it has expanded
from its orignal meaning to include, for example, those who threaten
[[Wikipedia]] administrators for taking action against them.

==External links==
*[http://www.spamfaq.net/terminology.shtml#cartooney Definition at
*[http://www.cart00ney.org/ a list of cart00neys]



Savidan probably didn't recognize your name.  The article, as written,
did little to establish notability.  We delete dozens of articles on
neologisms every day, most of them by people who misunderstand the
nature of the project.  Many of them get speedied.

It's the authors responsibility to establish notability in the first
revision of new articles.  We don't have "patrolled edits" or any sort
of queues for RC patrollers to use to check back to see if an article
gets better after 30 minutes.

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