Fixng double redirects (was: Re: [WikiEN-l] acronym sweep needed)

SPUI drspui at
Wed Feb 8 23:46:40 UTC 2006

Steve Bennett wrote:
> On 2/8/06, SPUI <drspui at> wrote:
>>How is it tedious and painful? You look at the "what links here" list,
>>search the page for (redirect), and edit all of 10 pages.
> This was as efficient as I could get it:
> 1. Click what links here.
> 2. Choose a double redirect.
> 3. Click link to open in new tab
> 4. Click edit
> 5. Right click > Mozex > Edit text area
> 6. Search for "cockerel" (most of them were that)
> 7. Replace with [[Rooster|cockerel]]
> 8. Save/close
> 9. Click edit box
> 10. Paste edit summary
> 11. Save
> 12. Close tab
> 13. Go to step 2.
> Tedious. Especially when computers were designed to do this sort of
> thing for us, not the other way around. Some people thrive on this
> sort of menial task - not me.
> And I suspect a lot of users would be doing this without mozex, would
> retype the edit summary each time, and wouldn't think of opening the
> links in new tabs each time. Even more painful!

What the hell are you doing? You only have to edit each of the ten 
redirects that formerly redirected to cock (chicken) and change them to 
#REDIRECT [[rooster]].

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