[WikiEN-l] No more blocking people for who they *are*?

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Wed Feb 8 18:19:16 UTC 2006

Delirium wrote:

> W. Guy Finley wrote:
>> Stupendous, molesting children is "embarrassing".  Don't think I 
>> could have
>> seen a bigger understatement or marginalization of the issue all 
>> day.  This
>> just in "American Bishops Find Pedophiliac Priests to be 'embarrassing'"
>> Yeah, that would go over well.
> No; someone *claiming* to be a pedophile, almost certianly falsely, is 
> "embarrassing".
> In any case, there are plenty of things people find really offensive.  
> Try telling someone in Saudi Arabia that we allow unrepentant 
> homosexuals on the site (homosexuality has status in law actually more 
> severe than pedophilia), and then see if they want their kids to read 
> it.  Or even in the enlightened west, you might find a lot of people 
> shocked that we allow open Satanists! 

Or Stalinists?


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