[WikiEN-l] acronym sweep needed

charles matthews charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com
Wed Feb 8 16:09:20 UTC 2006

"Steve Bennett" wrote

>Ideally, no links in Wikipedia should ever point to redirects.

I hope this is an 'urban myth' kind of thing.  There are plenty of reasons 
to use 'Lord Byron', rather than George Gordon, 6th Earl of Byron, or 
whatever he is.  Don't even get me started on [[Montesquiou]].  Piped links 
are there to serve man, not  the other way round.

And another thing.  Suppose pages get subdivided, quite reasonably, in a 
process of natural growth. (We may have started with [[Sonny and Cher]] and 
redirected [[Sonny Bono]] to it then, but now Sonny, Cher, Sonny&Cher are to 
be three pages.)  Then you may hope that Sonny Bono, which was a redirect, 
but now is going to be a page on its own, has not been changed to Sonny&Cher 
in all sorts of piped link by officious people.


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