[WikiEN-l] acronym sweep needed

Dan Jacobson jidanni at jidanni.org
Tue Feb 7 22:58:44 UTC 2006

There should be an acronym sweep done of wikipedia. E.g, right at the
start of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TSCM we are hit with ELINT,
SIGINT and ECM. More acronyms that an offline reader has no way of
figuring out. Don't depend that we can click, or even mouseover, e.g.,
on our PDA offline.

Sweep for any (perl regexp) m at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/[A-Z]+@
links that don't have an "(Explanation ...)" following in the text. Or
better yet make sure they are all spelled out right in the file name.

P.S., in your articles that are "(Redirected from bla bla)", use real
HTTP redirects or something, anything to not have the same hundreds of
kilobytes end up on the user's disk but just in a different filename.
Indeed, he now has to remember that he has already read the article
and cannot depend on link colors alone etc.

P.S., Looking at e.g., http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sustainability in e.g.,
lynx or plucker, there seems to be ads for political parties festooned
across the top. Only in firefox does one see they are inoffensively at
the side. Perhaps move them to the bottom.

P.S., the "personal appeal for donations" line looks small in firefox,
but big in text browsers... also it is in the critical search engine
indexing top of page area... I bet it might be all one sees in some
search engines page preview snippet... Perhaps move to bottom.

Sending to wikien-l, the only place I ever got a reply.

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