[WikiEN-l] Why has everything gone to hell?

Jesse W jessw at netwood.net
Wed Feb 8 07:34:58 UTC 2006

Very well said.  That's basically my method, and AFAIK, I haven't made 
any particular enemies (with the possible exception of people upset 
about the images with no source deletions).

And, just for the record - I suggest as a possible rename for the CVU: 
Janitors On Speed

	Jesse Weinstein

On Feb 7, 2006, at 11:31 AM, Stan Shebs wrote:
> To keep things in perspective, if it weren't for the mailing list,
> I wouldn't even have heard about the wheel war. 99+% of editors
> and I daresay, at least 90% of admins are just working away and not
> getting into fights of any sort; I personally am content just
> exercising admin powers to revert random vandalism and whack unwanted
> images, and using the bit of spare time left over to add some of my
> own content.
> While the conflicts do matter and need to be resolved, let's not get
> overly focussed on those. It would be interesting to see the results
> of a "friendliest admin" contest for instance - who has managed to
> do the most admin actions with the least amount of complaint, and
> what's their secret? Are we holding up fighters as exemplars, or
> diplomats? War is exciting, but peacetime is more productive.

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