[WikiEN-l] No more blocking people for who they *are*?

Matt R matt_crypto at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 01:19:03 UTC 2006

--- Jake Nelson <duskwave at gmail.com> wrote:

> Peter Mackay wrote:
> > In this case, he may have been serious. The guy identifies as "16-ish".
> > Isn't he allowed to have feelings for others of a similar age? Describing
> > himself as a "paedophile" might have been unwise, but not necessarily
> > anything we should run around being headless chickens over.
> I don't want to get into the morass of definitions for these things, but 
> pedophilia relates to prepubescent children, not those of a similar age 
> to "16-ish". The term for a fixation on teenagers is ephebophilia, and 
> it doesn't apply to a 16-ish person either.
> Just thought I'd clarify that.

To clarify further, as our article on [[pedophilia]] says, "In addition to its
strictest medical sense, the term `pedophile' is frequently used to denote
either an ephebophile or a perpetrator of child sexual abuse. Such broader
definitions are often used by the general public, and include many people who
do not meet the medical criteria for diagnosis of pedophilia."

-- Matt

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