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W. Guy Finley wgfinley at dynascope.com
Wed Feb 8 00:59:13 UTC 2006

On 2/7/06 5:54 PM, "wikien-l-request at Wikipedia.org"
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> From: Mark Wagner <carnildo at gmail.com>
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> Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 15:49:19 -0800
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> Subject: Re: [WikiEN-l] Re: No more blocking people for who they *are*?
> On 2/7/06, Ilya N. <ilyanep at gmail.com> wrote:
>> While I agree with the general point, slippery slope arguments are
>> usually pretty weak.
> The problem is that the step from "admitted pedophiles" to
> "pedophiles" has already been taken, and from there, it's a *very*
> small step to "accused pedophiles", an illustrious group that includes
> Ta bu shi da yu, Schissel, and Lucky 6.9, all named by "Parents for
> the Online Safety of Children", Jtdirl, Gmaxwell, and me, all named by
> Jeff Merkey, and no doubt others.
> --
> Mark
> [[User:Carnildo]]

Straw man.  Nobody's talking about accused pedophiles, we're talking about
people who would willingly put on their page "This user is a pedophile" i.e.
"I am a pedophile".

--Guy  (User:Wgfinley)

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