[WikiEN-l] Most immature war ever? Are we embarrassed yet?

Philip Welch wikipedia at philwelch.net
Tue Feb 7 20:54:43 UTC 2006

> This is a tiresome argument, and entirely beside the point.  Yes,  
> Jimbo legally can do whatever he wants (with consent of 2 of the  
> other 4 board members).  That's quite different from how Wikipedia  
> as a community operates, though, since it relies mainly  
> volunteers.  Everyone is here because we're a community editing an  
> encyclopedia, and believe in its mission; the Board serves us, not  
> the other way around.  If the community decides the present  
> leadership does not have its confidence, it can move elsewhere, as  
> Encyclopedia Libre did.  Jimbo's power is mainly "soft power", not  
> "hard power", and in that sense, he was wheel-warring.

OK, so Jimbo can do whatever he wants and if you don't like it you  
can fork off. Therefore, Jimbo should avoid pissing off enough people  
to cause a fork to happen.

Are you going to fork over this?

Philip L. Welch

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