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Jon thagudearbh at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 7 13:18:46 UTC 2006

What's wrong with the KGB? And if a user covered their user page with lots of images with the CIA (which on a worldwide scale has a far worse reputation than the KGB) would that be acceptable?

Fred Bauder <fredbaud at ctelco.net> wrote:
  That mention of Lynx certainly does date you. I liked it too when I 
was online with a CP/M Amstrad machine...

My thinking is that if a person presents themselves in an obnoxious 
way that they are being disruptive. After all Hitler, if he were 
alive, could edit anonymously.

If a user covers their user page with swastikas or emblems of the KGB 
or the information that they are a pedophile and really think its 
Ok, they are doing us harm both internally and externally and based 
on how bad it is and how much trouble they are causing we can take 


On Feb 7, 2006, at 2:31 AM, Sue Anne Reed wrote:

> On the pedophilia issue ... I find pedophiles disgusting, but even 
> if someone self-identifies as a pedophile, they are not breaking 
> the law with that admission. If there is evidence that they are 
> doing something, like trying to get in contact with children via 
> WP, than there has to be some sort of process to take care of that. 
> I mean, there is a fairly balanced article on NAMBLA on WP. This 
> userbox issue over the weekend was the final thing that fully 
> swayed my thinking on userboxes and if there isn't some sort of 
> guideline, these sorts of things will happen again.
> Sue Anne
> sreed1234

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