[WikiEN-l] Wheel warring

John Lee johnleemk at gawab.com
Tue Feb 7 13:14:22 UTC 2006

Peter Mackay wrote:

>>From: wikien-l-bounces at Wikipedia.org 
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>>This whole mess has left me feeling bruised and shocked, and 
>>rethinking my role here.  If El C and Carbonite leave we have 
>>lost a lot more than can be counted in them just as 
>>individuals.  El C, for one, made this place fun, and if you 
>>aren't having fun there is not reason to stick around.
>Are we here to have fun or to write an encyclopaedia?
>While a sense of community is important, it is not the top priority. A lot
>of userbox people seem to be here to have fun, and I'm of the opinion that
>someone having fun with a needless userbox precipitated this latest crisis.
>We should keep our eye on the ball.
>I've seen people come and go here. Some say they'll go and come back after a
>few weeks. Some leave for good. I say to them, thanks for your
>contributions. May you take joy from your future path.
>But Wikipedia endures, and I make no doubt that the sense of shock and
>dismay from this episode will fade and ways will be found to deal with the
>problem(s) that caused it, and the project will emerge all the stronger for
>it, because there are too many good folk here to let all this effort go to
>Peter (Skyring)
I think we're all here to have fun. I know I enjoy clerking for the 
arbcom and writing articles -- otherwise I wouldn't be clerking and I 
wouldn't have 20+ featured articles to my name. What's wrong is having 
fun without involving the encyclopedia at all -- i.e. spending all or 
most (>90%) of your time userboxing. I firmly believe these kinds of 
users are in the minority, however. There are many userbox fanatics who 
do great work around here, some of whom are admins ([[User:Firefox]] and 
[[User:Karmafist]] come to mind).

John Lee

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