[WikiEN-l] Wheel warring

Nick Boalch n.g.boalch at durham.ac.uk
Tue Feb 7 10:26:05 UTC 2006

Philip Welch wrote:

> I've proposed a strict policy against wheel warring at  
> [[Wikipedia:Proposed wheel warring policy]]:

I instinctively recoil from the instruction creep, but the last few days 
suggests it may well be necessary.


> Any given use of administrative powers cannot be reverted or  
> reversed by another admin unless the issue is brought to adequate  
> discussion.

This disturbs me a bit. I can think of many legitimate examples where an 
admin might reverse another admin's action without discussion. I did it 
just a couple of days ago, for instance, where I undeleted an article 
that had been incorrectly tagged for speedying and then deleted. I 
didn't discuss this with the deleting admin (I didn't think it needed 
discussing, frankly; I did leave a courtesy note explaining what I'd 
done on his talk page). Was this 'wheel warring'? Under your policy it 
would get me desysopped.



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