[WikiEN-l] Wheel warring

Peter Mackay peter.mackay at bigpond.com
Tue Feb 7 06:35:44 UTC 2006

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> This whole mess has left me feeling bruised and shocked, and 
> rethinking my role here.  If El C and Carbonite leave we have 
> lost a lot more than can be counted in them just as 
> individuals.  El C, for one, made this place fun, and if you 
> aren't having fun there is not reason to stick around.

Are we here to have fun or to write an encyclopaedia?

While a sense of community is important, it is not the top priority. A lot
of userbox people seem to be here to have fun, and I'm of the opinion that
someone having fun with a needless userbox precipitated this latest crisis.
We should keep our eye on the ball.

I've seen people come and go here. Some say they'll go and come back after a
few weeks. Some leave for good. I say to them, thanks for your
contributions. May you take joy from your future path.

But Wikipedia endures, and I make no doubt that the sense of shock and
dismay from this episode will fade and ways will be found to deal with the
problem(s) that caused it, and the project will emerge all the stronger for
it, because there are too many good folk here to let all this effort go to

Peter (Skyring)

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