[WikiEN-l] Why has everything gone to hell?

Ilya N. ilyanep at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 02:34:22 UTC 2006

I'm afraid I must agree.

As an editor of 3 years I must ask what happened to writing an encyclopedia?
How come we become more about community just because we're in the top-20 of
internet sites?

I must say that the community has started trudging along and becoming more
venomous over the last few months to a year.

If it were me I'd say delete all userboxes except for the babels and mandate
that users spend more attention on articles and meta issues relating *directly
to articles
I don't remember any wars on the term 'fuckwit' but I remember many other
wars. I also remember before then when Wikipedia stood together in the fact
of things like vandalism and community upsets. Maybe that time is gone?


On 2/6/06, Alex Schenck <linuxbeak at gmail.com> wrote:
> It's about friggin' time that something was done about wheel warring.
> I notice that Wikipedia goes through various "stages" in which the
> community
> will focus on one specific issue. A few months ago it was the term
> "fuckwit". Not all that long ago it was pedophilia (looks like it's back).
> Then it was the ever-lasting accusations of cabalism. Now it's wheel
> warring.
> Alright, look. I came back from a two-week break to witness the explosion
> of
> the wheel warring crap. From what Jimbo has said to me, he is very tired
> of
> the lack of cooperation that used to exist. What ever happened to that
> sense
> of respect for each other, when people actually understood that Jimbo's
> word
> was final, that the ArbCom is in fact the judicary body that knew what
> they
> were talking about, and people would respect time on the project? I mean,
> come on. When people start giving out USER WARNINGS to people such as
> David
> Gerard, you can tell that the times have definitely changed, and some
> oldy-moldy (or at least somewhat oldy-moldy editors such as myself) are
> not
> liking what we see.
> Mindspillage and I are on the same wavelength (I'll let her speak for
> herself beyond that): we miss the old community that was focused more on
> writing an encyclopedia instead of focusing on user pages and userboxes.
> What ever happened to writing FEATURED ARTICLES? Instead, we have people
> more focused on userboxes ("this user rebelled against the great userbox
> purge of 2006 [redirect to RFC:kelly martin] and would do it again"...
> wtf!)
> and arguing with others.
> At this point, I'm afraid desysopping people would be like placing a
> band-aid on an artery wound. Why has the community changed instead of
> adapted? We're not myspace, we're Wikipedia. Can we keep it that way?
> Here ends my long and horrible rant.
> --Alex, aka Linuxbeak
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