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Mon Feb 6 20:26:01 UTC 2006

> Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 14:27:40 -0500
> From: The Cunctator <cunctator at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [WikiEN-l] CVU -> WP:CVP? (was The Counter Vandalism
>         Unit? Whaa?
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> This is getting somewhere--now if we can come up with a positive,
> rather than negative name, we'd be perfect.
> Pretty much the best kinds of project names are ones that are either
> expressly positive (i.e. their name assumes good faith, doesn't create
> an us/them dichotomy), or failing that are ironicly ugly (like
> "bureaucrat", "benevolent dictator", or "spelling nazi" or "mediation
> cabal").

Well, for the record, I?m working wit ha few people on [[WP:CUV]] (NOT CVU)
not looking for repalce CVU, since that is NOT our goals, but rather
to provide an alternate venue and central resource without the
fighting imagery

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