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Mon Feb 6 13:40:50 UTC 2006

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[snip]> In the interest of trying to reach consensus, I'll boil everything
> down to this.  "''This work is a [[copyright]]ed promotional photo
> with a '''[[Wikipedia:Cite sources|known source]]'''" was changed to
> "This work is a [[copyright]]ed promotional photograph of a person
> that is '''[[Wikipedia:Cite sources|known]]''' to have come from a
> media kit or similar source."

> That wasn't a comment about copyright or fair use or anything of that
> sort.  It was a comment on *what the image was*.  If people want to
> add extraneous text to image tags about what may or may not qualify as
> fair use under copyright law, let them waste their time.  But in this
> instance a sentence describing the image itself was changed in a
> significant way.

Absolutely. To take a concrete example, I uploaded a picture of the author 
[[Jim Butcher]] after checking with the webmaster for his website, where the 
original picture was hosted, and receiving confirmation from Jim's wife that 
they were OK with tagging it as I had suggested.

This picture is *not* from a "press pack" or "media kit", it's from the 
personal/professional website for its subject.

It *is* a promotional photograph, and when I tagged it as such, the working 
of the template was accurate and satisfactory to the providers of the 

[[en:User:Phil Boswell]] 

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