[WikiEN-l] Parallel stupidity

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 10:55:27 UTC 2006

stevertigo wrote:

>With that said, it might be best to avoid using
>pejoratives to refer to people, David. Youre English;
>surely you can craft your concepts with a bit more
><wit. I of course am no stranger to the need for
>clarity, but if were going to take it to that level,
>then you're talking about a kind of overhaul of
>current WP structure and WP culture. Same canine
>complaining --different context.

I'm Australian, actually, so I tend to call a spade a fucking shovel
;-) But jeez. I can euphemise "this is jawdroppingly, mindbogglingly
stupid" and the people who will be offended by their stupid actions
being called "stupid" will only not be offended if it's so euphemised
they don't understand their action is being called "stupid." (And they
seem to have difficulty IME distinguishing between themselves and
someone noting evidence of grossly defective judgement on their part.)

However, I take your point.

- d.

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