[WikiEN-l] Discussions for Adminship

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun Feb 5 19:55:11 UTC 2006

Ilya N. wrote:

>The problem, as I've explained before, is there may be one of the following
>   - Vote tally is (20/0/0) and someone raises a very valid concern that
>   may make the person unsuitable for adminship.
>   - Someone raises a concern, vote tally becomes (0/20/0), and then it
>   turns out it was a sockpuppet doing it.
>We want people to only vote once they've gotten the whole picture after
>As an admin, I'd perfer having this instead of relying on a handful of
>encounters with said user, or having to research 20 users in-depth. As a
>bureaucrat, it makes it easier to tell whether or not to promote in
>borderline cases.
>Finally, I don't think we should use voting as the main medium for
Sometimes a bureaucrat has to be willing to override a majority vote.  
Most of the time this won't happen.  Bureaucrats do not yet have the 
power to de-sysop, though it would be handy in borderline cases to have 
a sort of probation system where if the new admin soon becomes a problem 
the status could be withdrawn without a fuss.  On Wiktionary I do become 
extra careful before I promote someone, and if I go against the majority 
I better have good reasons for doing that.


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