[WikiEN-l] Baseless Criticism of the CVU

John Lee johnleemk at gawab.com
Sat Feb 4 11:02:30 UTC 2006

Chris Jenkinson wrote:

> The Cunctator wrote:
>> All I can say about the text below is that if one is to quote multiple
>> people, it would be nice to indicate who said what.
>> And I'm not sure what essjay's getting upset about, but pranayama 
>> might help.
> Essjay is quoting no one - that is all his own writing.
> And I think he's probably upset since you are attacking an 
> organisation he has played a major role in administrating.
> Chris
I don't know where to start, so I suppose this is the best place. I 
don't have a real problem with the CVU -- if people want a shiny badge 
to stick on their userpage, it's not like we can stop them short of 
causing much anguish. I don't see a real point to it, however. I fight 
vandalism just as effectively without being a CVU member. I don't see 
the point in joining. Unless there's *real* organisation -- doling out 
of edits to check and/or revert, for instance -- it doesn't serve much 
purpose. Fighting vandalism is rather solitary, and you don't need a 
hierarchy or list of members to write a script that lists potential 
vandalism edits. I think the main problem is that some people see the 
CVU as a bunch of jackbooted thugs (probably not even close to being 
true; it might have the same amount of truth as the accusation that AfD 
is populated with insane deletionists) and/or being an organisation that 
right now doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose. If it were forcibly 
disbanded today, we could still use the bots and IRC channels to find 
vandalism edits.

John Lee

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