[WikiEN-l] The Counter Vandalism Unit? Whaa?

Stan Shebs shebs at apple.com
Fri Feb 3 20:55:04 UTC 2006

The Cunctator wrote:

>What most of the people on this thread fail to recognize is that
>creating anti-vandalism paramilitaries *encourages* vandalism.
That's just a ludicrous point of view - the vast majority of vandals
I deal with neither know nor care about WP internal process. If they
did, they would be able to introduce vandalism in much more subtle
ways, for instance by stacking vandalistic edits behind legitimate
changes by a sockpuppet, mixing vandalism in with a good edit, using
plausible sounding edit summaries, etc. Instead, they tend to add
the first thing that comes to mind, usually scatological.

I get my data about vandals' habits from twice-daily reviews of a
19,000 item watchlist; where do you get your data from?


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