[WikiEN-l] Floricic vs. Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. - another update

Mathias Schindler mathias.schindler at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 17:47:45 UTC 2006

The date to announce a decision today about the preliminary injunction
against Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. was cancelled today after the
lawyer for the parents of the dead hacker Tron started questioning the
procuration of the lawyer for Wikimedia Deutschland. This is
considered quite an unusual step since the judge had already announced
that he does not agree with the argument that the postmortal rights of
Boris Floricic is violated by mentioning the full name.

The new date for the decision will be the 9th of February 2006.

Wikimedia Deutschland issued a statement to the press today and
explained the situation. Those of you who "Sprechen Sie Deutsh" might
want to read or babelfish this url:

Wikimedia Deutschland considers this move by the lawyer of Tron's
parents to be an attempt to delay the process' end. It also "regrets"
that the confidentiality of the out-of-court negotiation attempt
(which was given at the request of Tron's lawyer) was broken several

Heise has some quotes from this lawyer and from Wikimedia's lawyer,
Thorsten Feldmann: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/69162

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