[WikiEN-l] Here's an interesting one

Jimmy Wales jwales at wikia.com
Wed Feb 1 04:36:06 UTC 2006

geni wrote:
> On 1/31/06, Jimmy Wales <jwales at wikia.com> wrote:
>>Steve Bennett wrote:
>>>Wikipedia suffers more from an incorrect deletion than from an
>>>incorrect keep. Sort of how society suffers more from the execution of
>>>an innocent person than the incorrect non-execution of a guilty one.
>>I don't agree with your perception of the balance.  An incorrect
>>deletion of an article is nearly nothing to us -- it can be undeleted
>>instantly by any admin.
> No it can't. Or do you wish to rethink the entire role of admins?

I think a few people have gotten quite confused about the role of admins
due to the excessive rules lawyering.  Maybe they are the ones who need
to rethink it.


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