[WikiEN-l] William M. Connoley, admin? (was: Running the asylum)

Charles Matthews charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com
Sat Jul 16 11:52:42 UTC 2005

"Dan Grey" wrote

>"Consensus" can only mean everyone agrees - and when the hell that
does that happen? Next to never.

Consensus may be a slightly fuzzy term, but it doesn't mean that.  In fact 
WP's standard way of operating is a rather good illustration of what it does 
mean: a mixture across the community of those who are largely agreed, some 
who disagree but 'agree to disagree' without disaffection, those who don't 
agree but give low priority to the given issue, those who disagree strongly 
but concede that there is a community view and respect it on that level, 
some vocal and unreconciled folk, some who operate 'outside the law'.  You 
find out whether you have consensus, if not unanimity, when you try to build 
on it.


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