[WikiEN-l] Anonymous proxies (was Re: Desysop Morwen)

Jimmy Wales jwales at bomis.com
Mon Feb 16 21:52:11 UTC 2004

Charles Podles wrote:
> Are there any *valid* uses for anonymizing proxies, or are they used
> only to vandalize, troll, and dodge hard bans? Can anyone think of a
> situation in which someone might have a legitimate purpose for such
> a tool? Since I can't, I wouldn't object to a permanent block of any
> and all anonymous proxy services.

Some people who are engaged in controversial conversation that may
endanger their lives may very well feel the need for the protection of
an anonymous proxy.  An example might be a Chinese dissident operating
secretly from within China to rally pro-democracy, pro-freedom support

Another example might be users of a message board dealing with
sensitive personal issues like rape, incest.  The victims may fear
further victimization if their identity is known.

None of those kind of uses applies in the case of Wikipedia.  If you
have such a severe personal situation that editing Wikipedia with the
level of anonymity provided by an ip number is dangerous to you, well,
I guess you shouldn't edit wikipedia.


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