[WikiEN-l] Anonymous proxies (was Re: Desysop Morwen)

Erik Moeller erik_moeller at gmx.de
Sun Feb 15 04:09:21 UTC 2004


> Would there be any objections to systematically blocking all anonymous
> proxies on a site-wide basis?

Yes, from me. We need knowledgeable people in countries like China to be  
able to write about the facts without fear of ending up in a labor camp.  
Of course we do not allow original research -- but we do allow NPOV  
contributions from anyone, and blocking all anonymizers threatens to lock  
out certain persons from editing.

I know that these anon proxies are annoying. But I would prefer if we  
continued our curent whack-a-mole game in the interest of freedom of  
speech. Most sock puppet users don't know about anonymizers anyway.

Let's implement ways to filter out vandalism more effectively instead. The  
login box on the edit screen is also a good idea.



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