[WikiEN-l] Discussion of Wikipedia content issues

Fred Bauder fredbaud at ctelco.net
Mon Oct 20 21:10:12 UTC 2003

>Recently, Adam Carr contributed a well-researched writeup about
>Wikipedia article quality.  It has since been moved to the meta.
>I am concerned that it will receive little attention on the meta,
>because relatively few Wikipedians read the meta, and those few that do
>are not representative of the community.
>I believe such discussions should take place in the Wikipedia: or
>Wikipedia_talk: article spaces, now that these are available, so that
>the discussion appears in recent changes, and so that it is seen by
>everyone who may be interested.  Apparently there is a standing policy
>against such discussions in those article spaces.  I believe the policy
>should change.
>The meta is useful for discussing the technical arcana, interlanguage
>issues, and nuts-and-bolts issues of logos and press releases and so
>forth.  But I believe it is a mistake to send general-interest
>discussions about article content there.  All they get is a decent burial.

I have wasted a bit of time looking for this but can't, could you kindly
provide a link?


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